ENT NEWS: Deezell Alongside Wizkid!

Deezell Alongside Wizkid
Arewa cartel, Deezell Alongside Wizkid! Deezell shared a stunning photo of him together with Wizkid with the caption “Big Wiz x Arewa Cartel” which means there’s probability sooner or later in the future Deezell might team up with Wizkid as meeting up with Wizkid isn’t easy not to talk of seeing him without trying to be in collaborative effort. Deezell is the very first Northern Nigeria act to be seen in a photo together with Wizkid even though for the past 2 years Deezell and DJ AB tried to meet up with Wizkid but that couldn’t happen as “#Wizkid10MinsForNorth” became the hashtag but unfortunately they couldn’t get the chance. this really mean a lot to Deezell not just Deezell himself but whole Arewa industry because he really breaks the record as he have been trying to evolve North industry to another different level. what are your thoughts on this?
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