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MUSIC REVIEW: “Yaran Zamani” by ClassiQ Music Review


MUSIC REVIEW: “Yaran Zamani” by ClassiQ Music Review

MUSIC REVIEW: "Yaran Zamani" by ClassiQ Music Review
Buba Barnabas  professionally known as ClassiQ  is a rapper, musician, exclusive producer, songwriter and performer. ClassiQ is one of the highly rated and recognized undisputed artist in the northern part of Nigeria with extraordinary number of hit songs that lead to his breakthrough across various states.

One of the things that made his music special and attractive to the audience is his musical pattern and how he’s able enough to sociably convey messages with the mixture of Hausa and English language.

ClassiQ’s sound is RAP FUSION and he definitely reflect this notion in this song. The most exciting thing is that the lyrics is connected to the music, though bluntly I can see how the song got so popular in couple of hours, as it corresponds to “Gudu” featuring M. I Abaga.

“Yaran Zamani” which easily translates to “Modern Boys” begins with midtempo sound and stable line which indicate a RAP-FUSION song which sees the rapper taking turns to clearly let the audience know he’s the best in every aspect of music, he’s just uncomparable.

Let’s come back to this line “Kaga karfin hali Karmin yaro zaija dani” this line is trying to tell the listeners in very clear terms he’s not in the same level with so how would someone try to mess with him even though he’s uncomparable.

Also let’s consider the other punchline “Take them to class namai da favorite rapper dinka dalibi” this line is too simplistic to be understood by the listeners. This line is trying alert the listeners that he’s unchallenged and those been consider as the best are nothing if to compare his talent to theirs.

The most ecstatic and delirious part of the song are the above main talked punchlines. There’s presumption in the lines and he might as well have been a rapping machine over a machine track.

There’s so much special flavor in his voice and strong substance felt. His voice might leave you half-cheering for other Artistes who get left behind in terms of rap like this, but nothing more.

“Yaran Zamani” by ClassiQ: 10/10

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