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Music: Dj YZ Ft Yung~I- Anonymous



“Anonymous” is a track of an unfortunate love story of a mysterious beautiful coward girl who’s her life is full of misery because of some street goons, her endevour is to hide her identity to every guy who try to date her just to avoid trouble unfortunately, “DJ YZ” of Diamond Squad and “Yung~I” of ONIFC fall in love with her with the intention of saving her life but eventually they couldn’t win her heart because of those goons that trying to make her life miserable, even tho DJ YZ & Yung~I are tight friends but non of them experiencing one another fall in love with the anonymous girl, finally both of them end up a losers for her love…Download and listen to the sad love story of this jam in full details and don’t forget to share to your friends, family & your love ones cos they’ll love it tho…DJ YZ & Yung~I absolutely nailed it



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