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*I will like to show my gratitude to almighty Allah for giving chance to be bringing you hits music,videos,news and even interview with fast rising artist from our northern county.Today I just want to make my town happy that’s why I got you that fast rising artist from zaria(ZEETOWN) Which is Sadiq s Sani A.K.A..(GHOST BAE) so be with us and see how the interview will go on*

ArewaHitsMusic:Hello ghost


ArewaHitsMusic: How is today?

GHOST: Cool n urs

ArewaHitsMusic: Fine,ghost today I will like interview you for seen that you are a fame artist in zaria

GHOST: Ok u can go on

ArewaHitsMusic: Firstly I will like you to tell our viewers who is ghost before we go further

GHOST: Olryt first I am sadeeq s sani a.k.a ghost bae arewa hiphop artist base in zaria

ArewaHitsMusic: Can you tell us what inspire your mind and you started making music?

GHOST: Yea! Since when m a little child my dream was to be known all around.meaning I wana be a person dat evry knows so decide to use music to make dream come true

ArewaHitsMusic: But with this little of your methodology is your dream become true

GHOST: Is about to or let me say it has began

ArewaHitsMusic: This music that you are doing do you gain or lost?

GHOST: Gaskiya I have gain a lot and for lost dat one is complsory

ArewaHitsMusic: Like how I mean what and what do you gain as an artist in fact well-known artist base in zaria?

GHOST: One of the tings I get from music is Respect,Firm and love from my fans

ArewaHitsMusic: At which age do you started been interested in music or what just brought your mind to start making music?

GHOST: At d age of 15 and I got into music for firm

ArewaHitsMusic: And I think now you have more fans that are even more than your expectation

GHOST: Yea I see so

ArewaHitsMusic: At this present time are your parents know that you get into music?


ArewaHitsMusic: Is their any problem that you are facing with them just because you are a musician

GHOST: Yea there is

ArewaHitsMusic: Can you say them here or that one is secret

GHOST: Secret

ArewaHitsMusic:ok Among Arewa musicians is there any one that you are copying his style well rapping or singing?

GHOST: Yea some one like dj Ab

ArewaHitsMusic: Ok,what of challenges.Are you facing some challenges as an artist?

GHOST: Challenges are many but here are few of dem…no helping hands
No support from parents

ArewaHitsMusic: I agreed because people will just let you do it yourself since you are the one who engage yourself in..must especially parents


ArewaHitsMusic: Among your tracks is there any one that you love must and you try to send a message with it

GHOST: Yea I like lovett

ArewaHitsMusic: Wow! Apart from you ghost is their any musician I mean fame artist like you

GHOST: Yea we got a lot of them

ArewaHitsMusic: Like who and who please

GHOST: We got bbshark,mz, etc

ArewaHitsMusic: Ok as you have said previously that your name is sadeeq s sani but why are you calling with ghost bae?

GHOST: I got d name from my secondry school becoz My habbit is straing dats m called ghost from there evry one beging to call me with d name

ArewaHitsMusic: As I heard it from people saying that you have a little mis understanding between you and bbshark to the extent that you even sang a song tittled “illar bara”.So can you clarify us?

GHOST: Yea is just a normal music beaf without dat there is notng much between us

ArewaHitsMusic: Have you ever  attend any show?

GHOST: Yea a lot of shows

ArewaHitsMusic: Where the you performed your last show?

GHOST: At kastina

ArewaHitsMusic: What of award do you ever collect it?

GHOST: Yea best sonG award 2016

ArewaHitsMusic: Ok nice,some people are saying that you have feelings so what can you say about it

GHOST: Toh I cant say much is not wat they are tinking kawai stare gida ne

ArewaHitsMusic: ok Which secondary do you attend

GHOST: The comprehensive college zaria

ArewaHitsMusic: What of tertiary institution?

GHOST: Not yet

ArewaHitsMusic: You mean you are still in secondary school?

GHOST: Nop waitung for addmiasion

Do you think their is anything that can stop you from doing music?

GHOST: Yea m about to stop on my own


GHOST: I don wana be a musiciant for the rest of my life

ArewaHitsMusic: You would have do a very good thing because the disadvantage is now here but hereafter

GHOST: I wanna be a office man or marketer dats my new dream

ArewaHitsMusic: What type of marketer

GHOST: Business man

ArewaHitsMusic: As a fame artist in zazzau now if you stop music do you think it won’t cause problem?

GHOST: No I dont tink so

ArewaHitsMusic: How many tracks do you have on ground now both single and featuring?

GHOST: Gaskiya I dont knw they are much

ArewaHitsMusic: Among them which one have you recorded and it sounds everywhere in zaria


ArewaHitsMusic: Is their any video that you have shoot or started shooting for now

GHOST: No but m planing

ArewaHitsMusic: Which track are you planning for?

GHOST: Su waye n fox freestyle

ArewaHitsMusic: Are they yet dropped


ArewaHitsMusic: But some people used to complain that you don’t used to upload them so that your fans will download them not only you must of zeetown artist

GHOST: That is a lie I do upload

ArewaHitsMusic: Ok like which website have you ever upload your tracks even a single?

GHOST: Naijatrick,tindeck,n HausaTop,citytrend n even ur website

ArewaHitsMusic: As you have said earlier that you are about to stop doing music so before you stop it what are you planning best to do to see that your fans are happier than you

GHOST: Dis are secreats plans till the time comes

ArewaHitsMusic: Even me too am waiting for this great day to arrive

GHOST: Dont worry it will come and m gona leave a very big memory to my fans

ArewaHitsMusic:I pray so
Among your friends is there any one that you join hands together to see that you become what you are today?

GHOST: Financialy no but in terms of support yes

ArewaHitsMusic: Like who and who gives you some support

GHOST: All my frends

ArewaHitsMusic: Alright before the interview ends what advice are you capable of giving the upcoming artists?

GHOST: Ok I gat to say music needs a lot sacrefices and they should do it with one mind…no blackmail

ArewaHitsMusic: And lastly what can you say about ArewaHitsMusic.Com.Ng?

GHOST: Ur work is great keep it up and wish u all d best

ArewaHitsMusic: Thanks ghost bae

GHOST: U ar wlcm

  _I think with this little interview I will say we shall meet new time were I will bring our viewers another fame artist from zaria_

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