Hello, Ladies and gentleman what you have been waiting  and searching for, today is here on www.ArewaHitsMusic.Com.Ng we jumped to Teamzamani record to fish out a fast rising artist, rapper, singer still comedian kindly be with us and see what you have been looking for since..

ArewaHitsMusic: Hello, Shehusky


ArewaHitsMusic: How today?

Shehusky: Am very fine & you?

ArewaHitsMusic: Same Please can we know who is Shehusky?

Shehusky: Ammm!! Yea!!
Shehusky is a singer,rapper and also a comedian..repping Teamzamani Records

ArewaHitsMusic:Is their anything that inspire you to start making a music?

Shehusky:Nothing!! I just loved it??

ArewaHitsMusic:At what age you started a music?

Shehusky: When is was at the age of 15

ArewaHitsMusic:Wow! So the name “SHEHUSKY”  does it get any meaning?

Shehusky:Nop..i just decided to use it

ArewaHitsMusic:Apart from Teamzamani, is their any crew u  have sign before?

Shehusky: Before Teamzamani I own a team named SKB meaning SWAGGER KD BOYS

ArewaHitsMusic:And what turns your mind to Teamzamani as your new record label?

Shehusky: I won a competition of upcoming artist
And also the reason why is because Teamzamani is a  grown up team than Team SKB

ArewaHitsMusic: Wow! So far now how many tracks have you recorded?

Shehusky: I really can’t say cause i have drop a lot

ArewaHitsMusic: Are you the only artist in the crew?

Shehusky:We are That is 5 artists that do music,but we are more than 5 if am to include our comedians

ArewaHitsMusic:I really salute Teamzamani

Shehusky:Ohhhh!!! really??

ArewaHitsMusic:Certainly do you achieve any of your targets for being a musician so far from a developed crew?

Shehusky:Yea!! I  Have achieve a lot and my dreams are becoming true

ArewaHitsMusic:But does anyone support you or emphasis you in your home?

Shehusky: yea some like my brothers,sisters and my mom really do

ArewaHitsMusic: Really like that kind of home

Shehusky:Thank you

ArewaHitsMusic:But what’s your real name given to you?


ArewaHitsMusic: Nice name

Shehusky: Thank you

ArewaHitsMusic:Which track have you ever recorded that makes you to rise to this particular level that you are?

Shehusky:A track titled “HAKA AKESO”

ArewaHitsMusic:All  people’s thought was “No Brake”?

Shehusky: BA BIRKI right?


Shehusky: The reason why i said HAKA AKESO is because Haka Akeso is a song that brings me a lot of fans and also the most popular track i got so far

ArewaHitsMusic: Great is their any challenge or challenges you are facing in terms of music or when it comes to music?

Shehusky: I got a lot of challenges most especially from the haters

ArewaHitsMusic: Is that the only challenge?

Shehusky: yea

ArewaHitsMusic: How many videos you get since from the time you started a music to this time?

Shehusky: 2 videos only

ArewaHitsMusic: Great but audios are uncountable right?

Shehusky: yea

ArewaHitsMusic:  Do you get Any financial support?

Shehusky: From?

ArewaHitsMusic: From Your parents?

Shehusky: Yea

ArewaHitsMusic: Do you think their is anything that can stop u from music?

Shehusky: The only thing that can stop me from doing music is my parents..buh apart from them nothing can stop me

ArewaHitsMusic: Yea I see but don’t u think your studies too can stop you from music?

Shehusky: I don’t think so because i do music when i have time

   So here above is our conversation with Shehusky from Kaduna stay tuned for another hit one  on www.ArewaHitsMusic.Com.Ng

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