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Interview: Exclusive Interview With Mubreeck



ArewaHitsMusic: Hello sir, can we know who’s Mubreeck in details?

Mubreeck: Of course why not

ArewaHitsMusic Please who’s Mubreeck in details?

Mubreeck: Good day Ladies nd gentlemen, First of oll i’m by Name Mubarak Hussaini nd i’m also known as Mubreeck. i was born in kaduna at Zaria in particular. i did mah Primary nd secondary skul At Abc academy. Later on i was offrered an admission into Ahmadu bello University Zaria in the year of 20k17

ArewaHitsMusic: What inspired you that you started thinking of becoming an artist?

Mubreeck: everything inspired me bcox ah love seing people doing music, so i said to mah self dat i must be an artist.

ArewaHitsMusic: And which song is your first song to drop?

Mubreeck: mah first song was Featuring which ix been tittled wit *TIGER* whic ah feature one of mah frnds.

ArewaHitsMusic: Which of your songs makes you famous particularly in Zaria?

Mubreeck: Mai Garin

ArewaHitsMusic: Do you have any dropped ep yet?

Mubreeck: Yes *Mai_Gari Epp* nd it’s still trending

ArewaHitsMusic: What of video do you have any leashed viral or official video?

Mubreeck: Official_video

ArewaHitsMusic: What’s the name of the video sir?

Mubreeck: *MAI_GARI Officia_Video*

ArewaHitsMusic: Which crew are rep presently?

Mubreeck: ITOM

ArewaHitsMusic: Does it have full meaning?

Mubreeck: yeah I stands for I’m, T stand for Taking , O stand for Over nd M stand for Mallam. So ITOM means
I’m Taking Over Mallam

ArewaHitsMusic: Have you ever attend any show performance or been invited?

Mubreeck: Yes I’ve last year which ix 2k18 i was invited in kaysina peace nd Unity Concert, which i have been awarded wit 2k18 Best Rapper of Xaria nd i wreally wreally Appreciate daht

ArewaHitsMusic: Like how many shows have you attended?

Mubreeck: Actually i’ve attend 2-4 in xaria, 1 @ k, [email protected] nd [email protected] Kt

ArewaHitsMusic: As an upcoming artist do you face any challenges?

Mubreeck: Yes, Seriously i faced nd i’m still facing many challenges

ArewaHitsMusic: Like what challenges are you facing?

Mubreeck: sowrrry sir i can’t say

ArewaHitsMusic: Like how many songs have you dropped from then to now?

Mubreeck: sincerely speaking i can’t remember buh its about 30

ArewaHitsMusic: Any achievement and progress in the music your are making?

Mubreeck: Yes we Thank GOD Even though i’m collecting featuring feee buh ah met many famously artist through music

ArewaHitsMusic: Among the Nigerian artistes,who’s your mentor and likewise in the north?

Mubreeck: Dj Ab

ArewaHitsMusic: Is their any support you are getting from your parents or friends that’s financially or giving you advice?

Mubreeck: yeah actually frm mah frnds

ArewaHitsMusic: So far are you into a business that be the source of your money?

Mubreeck: Yes

ArewaHitsMusic: What sort of business?

Mubreeck: Tailoring

ArewaHitsMusic: Is their any coming project you’re capable of dropping or planing to drop?

Mubreeck: Yes Sir

ArewaHitsMusic: So fans should wait for it right?

Mubreeck: Yes sir,promised dat its gonna be Dhope 💯

ArewaHitsMusic: As you said previously that your album was leashed and still is trending, so how can someone get the album for those in need of it

Mubreeck: yeah as i said, the Epp ix still trending. You can get d Full Epp on these Sites;

ArewaHitsMusic: Besides do you have a music manager who’s in charge of all your projects?

Mubreeck: yeah i have

ArewaHitsMusic: And what’s the name of the manager?

Mubreeck: FKAY

ArewaHitsMusic: Wow that’s amazing

Mubreeck: Thank You sir.

ArewaHitsMusic: So how do you try to see that you balance your music with your studies so that their won’t be any interference?

Mubreeck: yes i olways fight wit wat can affect mah studies cox i dnt used to record any track except i have a chance or a when i’m free dax when i’m recording mah track

ArewaHitsMusic: That’s good lastly what’s your advice to upcoming artistes?

Mubreeck: so, i’ll lyk call d attention of each nd every upcoming artist to take wat he’s doing serious, ah think think whn yhu makes wats ever yhu ar doing serious hopefully yhu will archive ur goals nd objectives By GOD Grace

ArewaHitsMusic: Thank you for given your time to interview you.

Mubreeck: Thank yhu Sir it’s mah pleasure.

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