INTERVIEW: Exclusive Interview With Mubreeck

INTERVIEW: Exclusive Interview With Mubreeck

ArewaHitsMusic: Hello Mubreeck, would like to know who you’re concisely.

Mubreeck: Hey! My name is Mubarak Hussaini popularly known as mubreeck. i’m an artiste/songwriter, performing artiste. i was born on the 26th September, 2000 and been raised in zaria kaduna state.

ArewaHitsMusic: How did you formed the name “Mubreeck” I mean how did the idea came to your mind?

Mubreeck: If i could remember, ever since when my friends called me with “MUBY” when I was in secondary, become popular with name in and as time goes on , i realize that there are many people who’re called with the name “MUBY” and since i have the dream of becoming one of the popular artistes in the world of music industry, then i said to myself “i have to find myself a unique name so that it will be only one me so as to avoid confusion”. then i decided to change the name to “Mubreeck”

ArewaHitsMusic: How did you started making music? At which year precisely?

Mubreeck: well, i started making music when I wasn’t even serious about it. I started the journey with my friends. I could remember vividly when we used one Android app to record on phone because we don’t take the game so serious at that time, we were just doing it for fun, but as time goes on we stopped from using the android app and switched to recording with computer without any Studio equipment. LOL! when we record, it sounds whack! in the year 2016 we decided to arrange some funds to start recording in the studio. we recorded our first ever song titled “TIGERX” in the year 2016. guess what! we all freestyle on the beat.

ArewaHitsMusic: Which established Artiste inspired you to be into music?

Mubreeck: Actually no any Established Artiste has ever inspired me to start making music.

ArewaHitsMusic: From the year you started making music to date, how many songs have you dropped so far?

Mubreeck: 5.Ever since i started making music upto date, i don’t really know the highest number of musics i dropped because I’ve dropped a lot. probably to be 90+ (with collaborations) I’m not sure though.

ArewaHitsMusic: Can you remember the tittle if the first song you recorded and the studio you recorded it?

Mubreeck: yes of course, my first song was titled “TIGERX” it was a featured song and we recorded the song in Mai jampa’s studio.

ArewaHitsMusic: As it’s known every artiste is been faced with difficulties and challenges, so what are the challenges you faced or currently facing?

Mubreeck: yes i’ve faced many challenges and i’m currently facing because since i started music all my family know that i’m into the game. my father knows that i’m doing music but he has never tell me to quite it however at times my brothers and sister even plays my song in his presence but he has never scolded due to that which means that he’s supporting me either. Thesame thing with my mother, but she’s always telling me“is not the music that i despise but its negative impact”. she always advised me to do the right thing at the right time and anytime she tells me this, i answered her with” Mom just keep praying for me, i promise to stay away from the negative impacts which music brings” which she will then lay her blessings upon me. i also got massive support from my late grandmother may her gentle soul rest in perfect peace (RIP). the current challenges i’m facing mostly comes from my father’s friend and other people that we’re not even related to but I still do believe that since i got support from mom and dad, whoever says negative things on me won’t have any effect on me. and anytime one of these two tell me to stop from being an Artistse and from pursuing my dream, I’ll wholeheartedly part ways with it.

ArewaHitsMusic: You said you can remember the precise number of songs you dropped, what about featured songs?

Mubreeck: i’ve got featured on many songs but actually i can’t remember the exact number of songs i got featured on.

ArewaHitsMisic: Looking the years you spent in the industry, have you ever bareface audio project beyond single songs? I.e Ep or Album to be precise?

Mubreeck: Yes both Album and EP. i released my first Album in the year 2018 titled “Mai Gari The Album” and i also released an Extended playlist (Ep) in the year 2022 titled “DanZaria The Ep”

ArewaHitsMusic: So far how many album (s) or EPs you dropped and in which year?

Mubreeck: I’ve successfully dropped One Album titled “Mai Gari” and also One Ep titled “Dan Zaria The Ep”

ArewaHitsMusic: Are you currently studying?

Mubreeck:Of course yes I’m currently studying at Ahmadu Bello Zaria (ABU) integrated science in Diploma which i successfully completed the 2years program (2019) and the same year i got Direct Entry (D.E) into 200L to study thesame course i studied in Diploma (Integrated science). i’m now currently in 300L and if not because of the closure of schools in 2020 caused by Coronavirus and strike i would have been in final year by now.

ArewaHitsMusic: OK so how are you trying to make a balance between your music life and your studies so that there won’t be any interference?

Mubreeck: Apparently, when it comes to my studies, i don’t give too much attention to music so that i won’t be distracted. though i can join/combine both at the same time and everything would go perfectly but hausa people once said “Maganin ayi kar apara” that’s why i only give my too much attention to music when I’m pretty sure I’m free from exams and other important school activities likewise. I always have time for both.

ArewaHitsMusic: We all know music life in Northern Nigeria is very challenging because most people only think about the negative impact which music brings not the positive side, so how are you trying to prove to people that not every artiste is a bad influence and a threat to the society?

Mubreeck: there’s a proverb that said “one bean spoiled all” hausa people translate it as “wake daya ke bata duka”. i’m trying to prove to the people that not every artiste is a bad influence and a threat to the society by making a good and meaningful songs which serves as a message to people and the society at large and aslo by doing a mutured clean visuals

ArewaHitsMisic: Have you ever unleash a video? If yes like how many?

Mubreeck: Yea about I’ve dropped about 10 videos

ArewaHitsMusic: Which of your songs do you actually love the most?

Mubreeck: ALEWA ft. Lil prince (YNS)

ArewaHitsMusic: Following the years you’ve been in the industry, what have you experienced in these past years?

Mubreeck: i’v experienced many things and i’ve learned so many things. It’s just something i decided to keep it to myself because i have a plan of changing what i’ve experienced and learned.

ArewaHitsMusic: Most of those who appreciate your songs and also follow your updates in regards to music know you for your goodness and talent most especially rap songs which gradually you switched to afropop. What makes you change your genre even though some people prefer seeing you as a rapper not afropop singer?

Mubreeck: well, i decided to switch from rap to afropop because people nowadays are not considering a rapper in the world of music industry and we’re doing all this to see that we have turned from underrated and upcoming artiste to established artiste, but i’ll be satisfying my fans with different tune like ; rap, sing , afropop, R&B and Raggae, but as of now i prefer afropop than rap honestly.

ArewaHitsMusic: Reference to question 7, apart from the challenges you’re facing from some of your father’s friends are you saying you’re not facing any challenges advisory or financially?

Mubreeck: yoh, i’m facing financial challenge because there are some things that i can’t afford in the industry and that one is also a challenge and i’m aslo facing advisory challenges actually.

ArewaHitsMusic: Apart from your parents is there any other person that supported or currently supporting your movement so as to turn your vision to life?

Mubreeck: yes my manager. he’s doing his best to see that he make my dream come true and with time my dream will turn to reality I’ve this strong feeling and gut because he has been given me much more than support both advisory and financially. no word enough for me to use and thank him for all what he has done for me since day one. no word could ever come close to. and my fans as well because they’re the ones encouraging and giving me the energy to drop hits back to back and i promise i’ll always put smiles on your faces like the way you guys put in mine. i’ll never fall your hand. i can say i’m nothing without you guys.

ArewaHitsMusic: At this point now, do you think there’s anything that can cease you from making music?

Mubreeck: yes of course, the only thing that would cease me from making music at this point now is when i’m getting no more support from my parents. I meant if they later change their mind about my music stuff then I’ll surely cease it for good.

ArewaHitsMusic: As an Artiste who wants to turn his vision to life are you dreaming or planing of featuring any Established Artiste from Northern Nigeria probably in the future?

Mubreeck: yes I’ve the plan of featuring an established Artiste not only one artiste from the Northern Nigeria. Artiste like; Dj Ab, ClassiQ, Kheengz, YoungCee, Deezell, sojaboy are all on the list.

ArewaHitsMusic: Do you have Artiste who you’re seeing as a mentor?

Mubreeck: Yes of course I’ve Dj Ab

ArewaHitsMusic: Like how many established artistes are you dreaming of having a collaboration with and who and who?

Mubreeck: like i mentioned above they are many but here are some of the established artistes i’m dreaming of having collaboration with. Dj ab, ClassiQ, Kheengz, Sojaboy, Deezell, B.O.C, Morell etc

ArewaHitsMusic: Do you still believe that despite being underrated as a young artiste, your music career will be brighter than it is now?

Mubreeck: yes because I’ve always pray for a better tomorrow!

ArewaHitsMusic: It’s crystal clear that you’ve experience in the industry which differentiate you from other Artistes who are yet to experience what you have experienced for the past 5 years, so for that what do you think can be done to dissolve and get rid of the problems of the industry for it to prospered and prevailed?

Mubreeck: Lol! every artiste in the Northern Nigeria is considering himself as a king. but the question here is (who gave them crown?). if we can only unite and remove that ego by helping one another, and stop showing hatred for one another, definitely everything will change in Northern Nigeria music industry.

ArewaHitsMusic: Some Artiste consider the music in which they’re making as business while some for fun, so what’s the current position or status of the music you’re making?

Mubreeck: For business sir

ArewaHitsMusic: In the near future that’s in the years to come if you find yourself to be a salary earner by any chance, are you going to quite music for good or you’ll still stick to it?

Mubreeck: lol….yes i’ll quite because by then i know I’ve been old

ArewaHitsMusic: What’s your advice to the entire industry i.e anyone that’s part of Northern Nigeria music industry what’s your advice to them?

Mubreeck: my advice to each and every one that’s part of Northern Nigeria music industry is to be patient in whatsoever. because patience is the key to success, and stay away from the negative impact of music, always focus on the positive sight. don’t forget that “whatever you planned, that’s what you will harvest” Hausa translate it with “Abunda ka shuka shi zaka girba” (proverb). And always remember; Good Music promote itself

ArewaHitsMusic: Following the question you answered which is question No.25 do you think after becoming an a renown and establish Artiste too, won’t you be blinded by ego or any of the sort due to your status in the industry.

Mubreeck: No No No! i won’t.

ArewaHitsMusic: Are you praying someday people to be looking up to you, seeing you as their mentor? If yes why?

Mubreeck: Yes of course, it’s a happy thing to be someone’s mentor because no one will like me to be his mentor if i’m not good in one or two things most especially the music to be specific and that’s why everyday i’m pushing myself to see that i make a huge and unforgettable history in the Northern Nigeria music industry because great memories never fade.

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