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INTERVIEW: Exclusive Interview With Emam4theculture


INTERVIEW: Exclusive Interview With Emam4theculture

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ArewaHitsMusic: Hello Emam4theculture, would like to know who you’re concisely.

Emam4theculture: Yeah my names are EMAM KHALID ABDULLAHI, a Muslim and hausa.
Was Born friday 12 February 1999 in Zaria
Grew up in Zaria raised in kaduna but origin of katsina.

ArewaHitsMusic: How did you formed the name “Emam4theculture” I mean how did the idea came to your mind?

Emam4theculture: actually emam was the name that my parents named me when I was born and 4theculture is my view, my mission and vision of life.

ArewaHitsMusic: How did your music journey started and at what age and which year you found yourself into music?

Emam4theculture: oh! I just found myself into music because i got the talent and got contribution that music industry need from me.

ArewaHitsMusic: Which established Artiste inspired you to be into music?


ArewaHitsMusic: From the year you started making music to date, how many songs have you dropped?

Emam4theculture: almost 19 tracks i can confidently say.

ArewaHitsMusic: So what is the tittle of the first song you recorded?

Emam4theculture: “Nafara”

ArewaHitsMusic: As we all know every newly upcoming artiste is been faced with difficulties and challenges, so what are the challenges you faced or currently facing?

Emam4theculture: Financial challenges actually.

ArewaHitsMusic: Apart from emam4theculture do you have other stage names known with before?

Emam4theculture: yeah almost two Stage names before emam4theculture,

ArewaHitsMusic: What was the reason for you to change your stage name for over 2 times?

Emam4theculture: yeah my family was the first reason and the second reason is that i want to represent where am from and my culture in the music scene.

ArewaHitsMusic: Looking the years you spent in the industry, have you ever bareface audio project beyond single songs? I.e Ep or Album to be precise?

Emam4theculture: No! have never but currently I am preparing of dropping my first EP Titled “PART OF THE PLAN”

ArewaHitsMusic: Are you currently studying at the same time doing your music?

Emam4theculture: Yes I’m studying library and information science in federal University of Dutsenma Katsina.

ArewaHitsMusic: OK so how are you trying to balance your music career and your studies so that you won’t be distracted?

Emam4theculture: am trying my best to balance the career fair and fears enough
Because music and studies are all my destiny so I have to do all my best to do the best for the future.

ArewaHitsMusic: We all know music life in Northern Nigeria is very challenging because most people only think about the negative impact which music brings not the positive side, so how are you trying to prove to people that not every artiste is a bad influence and a threat to the society?

Emam4theculture: alhamdulillah! that’s one of the reasons of me changing my stage name to EMAM4THECULTURE because all what I want to prove to Northern Nigeria people is that *in every bad ways there is Good and in every Good there is Bad*
And even music its self it’s not totally bad but the concrete mentality of northern community on music is that music is bad and what usually baffle me is that those seeing music as bad are listening music but the music got some good and messages in it
So that’s why I changed my mind that I Wana do music and I will be doing the music in all part topics of the music for the culture

ArewaHitsMusic: You started nasheed songs which later switched to afro, so what’s the concrete reason for the change?

Emam4theculture: the concrete reason is that I ain’t got enough full support from my supporters because what may be you don’t know is that our people don’t always support meaningful music and again they don’t support unmeaninfull music
And after I understand that I just decided to be doing both meaningful and unmeaninfull music because I want to get full support energy from my people

ArewaHitsMusic: Which of your songs do you actually love the most?

Emam4theculture: hmm I just love all of them.

ArewaHitsMusic: You said Northern people don’t always support good music and the other way round so for that you prefer doing both, but don’t you think focusing on the good and meaningful songs may lead to your elevation instead of doing both meaningful and unmeaningful songs?

Emam4theculture: it’s more preferable doing both now because it’s all about part of my music moves & plans and the unmeaninfull music that am referring to is not may be what you are expecting but I would like to always be giving my fans & supporters what they want from me, so if they want me to drop any cruising tracks I can but will just make sure even the unmeaninfull once will be meaningful in some ways and for my own I will try always to be dropping Good and meaningful tracks.

ArewaHitsMusic: Did you still believe that the music you’re into most especially the genre you’re using in trying to make positive impact on people and the entire society will someday be the reason for your fame?

Emam4theculture: Yes I do 100% believe in that because the genere is both sides genere I can play anyrole of music roles and the genere is always sounding good to the Listeners.

ArewaHitsMusic: As an Artiste who wants to turn his vision to life are you dreaming or planing of featuring any Established Artiste from Northern Nigeria probably in the future?

Emam4theculture: now I don’t have that but I don’t know may be years coming I might have that plan you know man is not constant.

ArewaHitsMusic: Are you dreaming of switching back to your old genre which is HIP HOP/RAP or did you think there’s any circumference which may compel you to switching back the genre?

Emam4theculture: am not dreaming about that and even if I dreamt about that I would like that dream not to come through!!hiphop/Rap is the mirror of my music life but I don’t want be a rapper anymore.

ArewaHitsMusic: Do you have Artiste who you’re seeing as a mentor?

Emam4theculture: yeah
Burnaboy/MORELL/Dr Mamman shata

ArewaHitsMusic: As an artiste who is been underrated by some, how are you trying to curb with that reality?

Emam4theculture: I will Keep on doing my thing my ways the way I can and the way I see it will be my way out. I know time will tell If I am a winner I will win and if am not I will learn

ArewaHitsMusic: Considering the fact that you’ll be dropping an EP anytime soon, don’t you think your fans will be desperate to know how many songs does the EP has and the official date of its release?

Emam4theculture: soonest I will officially announce and mobilize how many tracks are in the EP and the date of realize.

ArewaHitsMusic: It’s crystal clear that you’ve experience in the industry which differentiate you from other Artistes who are yet to experience what you have experienced for the past 5 years, so for that what do you think can be done to dissolve the problems of the industry for it to prospered and prevailed?

Emam4theculture: we thank God for everything!! but those problems of our industry is us, We have to reform ourselves and settle ourselves, fix ourselves ,clear the roads ourselves To me that’s the only way to make a huge great prosperity in Northern Nigeria music industry.

ArewaHitsMusic: Some Artiste consider the music in which they’re making as business while some for fun, so what’s the current position or status of the music you’re making?

Emam4theculture: to be sincere I considered music as Business!!
Big deal not small ooo

ArewaHitsMusic: In the near future that’s in the years to come if you find yourself to be a salary earner by any chance, are you going to quite music for good so as your name or you’ll still stick to it?

Emam4theculture: i don’t think God created me just to be in this world and do nothing to my people!!
With this my point I don’t think I can quite music in any situation I found myself in because I put at the back of my mind that even if I become a president of NIGERIA I still got the chance of doing my music because music is a universal language
I will be using that music to be sending some universal messages to my people

ArewaHitsMusic: What’s your advice to the entire industry i.e anyone that’s part of Northern Nigeria music industry what’s your advice to them?

Emam4theculture: My advice to anyone part of northern Nigerian music industry is that
Try to do good and meaningful music just incase if after very Artiste should at least try to be his parents family and people’s ambassador.

ArewaHitsMusic: Following the question you answered which is question No.25 do you think after becoming an a renown and establish Artiste too, won’t you be blinded by ego or any of the sort due to your status in the industry.

Emam4theculture: i don’t want that
And I don’t want my mindset to be that
And I don’t pray for devil to put me through that.
I will pray to God help out of that

ArewaHitsMusic: Are you praying someday people to be looking up to you, seeing you as their mentor? If yes why?

Emam4theculture: yeah for sure!! That’s why I want my history in the industry to be well recorded because I want the future to use me well enough because I don’t want all this my Struggles to be in vain


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