How You Can Transfer,Earn & Request for Cash Using Chipper Cash

Chipper is a secure, fun and simple way to send, receive and access your money.

Chipper is the first and only platform in Africa to allow you to send mobile money across borders and across phone carriers – INSTANTLY ⚡️

In the morning, you wake up and see that your friends paid you back via Chipper for last night’s dinner. You head to your usual breakfast spot and pay for your breakfast from your Chipper account and get charged no fees.

At lunch you check your notifications and see that you have received 3 payments from Ghana 🇬🇭 , Tanzania 🇹🇿 and Uganda 🇺🇬 from your e-commerce shop through your Chipper Checkout account. As you are viewing this, a customer comes in and simply scans your QR Code on display to pay for their order.

You leave work and decide to top up your Chipper account so you can send some money to your cousin in Rwanda 🇷🇼. You instantly top up your account with your mobile money account because you can cash in from any network. You send the money at 5.30pm to your cousin in Rwanda

At 5.31pm you get a text from your cousin, confirming she has received your transfer.

Sending and receiving money within Africa 🌍 is now easier, faster and cheaper than it has ever been before.


Connect your mobile money account to your Chipper wallet and send money to friends, family, and anyone else in Uganda, Kenya, Ghana, Tanzania, and Rwanda. We’re adding more countries soon! It’s FREE to send money to anyone within the same country.

Chipper is built with a beautiful feed that shows you all your previous transactions. Tap on a friend’s picture and see all the transactions between you and them. Send and request money for free from anyone – even contacts that aren’t yet on Chipper. Easily add or withdraw money to and from your Chipper Wallet to your connected mobile money account.

Chipper allows you to receive mobile payments from both chipper users and non chipper users using Chipper checkout. With checkout, any user with a mobile money account can send money to your chipper account from anywhere.

Chipper works with any mobile money network. This interoperability means that your Chipper wallet connects with any mobile money – Mpesa, MTN, Airtel, Vodacom etc to allow you to send money from your wallet to any other mobile money account regardless of mobile network or country.

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