ENT NEWS: The First Song That Promoted Dj AB In Particular

The first song that promotes Dj AB in particular is “Babarsa”. The song was released in 2015 which was virally and massively accepted by the street after the unleashing of “Wabab”, a song that introduces the YNS Team to the public.
Two years back (i.e in 2018), Dj AB had an interview on Arewa24 TV with Nomiisgee where he was asked to brief the public about the song and the reason behind it because the expression “Babarsa” in hausa language considered to be an abusive word and he used it as a title to his trending song.
Dj AB honestly answered that the song has nothing to do with anybody because he recorded the song just for fun, moreover he never knew the song will go that far, although he was going to delete the song and a friend came and compelled him to send it to him so he had to because he knows people might think that the song was recorded just to beef someone.

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