ENT NEWS: Sdee Studios Implemented New Studio Rules And Regulations

This Studio is purposely for voice Recordings,mixing and Sound Creations. Smoking,drinking or any alcoholic activities is not allowed in or outside The studio compound.

1.FULL Payment is Compulsory before session Starts

2.Make Sure you Rehash Your Song before Recording start, Otherwise you will be stopped.

3.For Re-record of any vocals after the project is closed, will cost another charges.

4.You are not Allowed to stay in the studio if its not your session, you should wait at reception until its your session and only four people are allowed to stay in.

5.Song Data Duration! we only keep recording data for 2 weeks, Make Sure You Collect Your Song Or Data WithinTwo Weeks.

6.No Eating In The Studio, No Phone Calls,No Making Any Distraction.

Note: Appointment, Inform The Studio About Any inconvinience of Appointment Atleast 12Hours Before Appointment Time.Corporate With Any Of The Studio Rules, They Are All Ment To Satisfy you.
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