ENT NEWS: Deezell’s Mission To Uplift Northern Nigeria Music Industry Is On The Rise

Deezell’s Mission To Uplift Northern Nigeria Music Industry Is On The Rise

So many reasons are impacting the Northern Nigeria Artistes not only Northern region in particular and one of these is lack of support from the elevated ones. Deezell vows to promote Northern Nigeria’s music industry as he tweeted on his verified Twitter account few days back.

He started by calling the attention of his fellow fam Artistes in joining hands together to push the Northern Bloggers of Nigeria to serve as positive outcome of their massive trying in promoting Arewa Artistes. A week ago he started supporting a young cool guy Named Young Ustaz as Deezell promises to make Young Ustaz a star because that’s Young Ustaz’s vision and later on Deezell started posting Young Ustaz’s IG account, asking his followers to follow Young Ustaz’s IG account at the same time he’s admiring him and uttering good this about him which that decision brought a good and positive outcome as Young Ustaz’s IG followers started to boost from 2k to 13k followers in a short while. Earlier on Wednesday, 13th May, 2020 still Deezell posted it on his verified social media platforms vowing to invest in 3 rising Artiste from the North as he started by asking his social media followers to follow their accounts as a first step.

The Question Here’s:

1- Is it only Deezell that has visions for Northern music industry?

2- Is he the only Artiste that God made famous in Northern Nigeria music industry?

3- Why is he supportive to those rising Artistes?

4- Why the rest of the elevated Northern Nigeria Artistes not making any move or showing any interest of being supportive towards promoting the upcoming ones?

5- And lastly, what’s your prayer for Deezell as a famous Artiste who’s using his opportunity to lift the upcoming ones?



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