ENT NEWS: Deezell Is Facing Criticism And Insults After He Shared Stunning Picture Alongside Wizkid

Deezell Is Facing Criticism And Insults After He Shared Stunning Picture Alongside Wizkid.

Deezell currently facing Massive insults and criticism after sharing his stunning photo alongside Wizkid. This really attracts so many people to talk about Deezell as he’s the very first hausa hip hop Artiste in the history of Arewa music industry to capture a photo together with Wizkid. Deezell is now the talk of the town as some people are busy criticising him while some busy laying insults on him. it’s evident that the fact Deezell captured a captivating photo with Wizkid is making some people to talk trash about him, criticize and hate him with passion. It’s strongly believe that those hating, criticising and insulting Deezell after sharing his attractive photo with Wizkid have no good reason to do that except they’re afraid there’s possibility he might win Grammy, so some been saying the photo it’s been Photoshopped that’ he’s just faking but nothing of the sort is true. With the exception of DJ AB, ClassiQ, Morell & Kheengz after they put Arewa on the map it’s cristal clear that Deezell is presently the only Artiste in North helping the young Artistes as an established Artiste and trying to take Arewa industry to a certain level that will forever bring respect not just to him but the entire industry. Many people know Deezell not for his Talent but due to his efforts putting in place and sacrifices for the sake of his region.
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