Chat with 1st princess, face of western Nigeria 2018, Akpan God’swill

Chat with 1st princess, face of western Nigeria 2018, Akpan God’swill

1.Can we meet you ?
Hello my names are Queen Akpan God’swill Esther, I’m a young entrepreneur, simple lady with high qualities,heart of gold, I’m size 8 ,a Beauty Queen,skin therapist,2nd born of the family, I’m from Akwaibom state and a jack of almost all trade once my hands and head comes in touch with a trade.

2.What inspired you to go into beauty pageantry?
Oh well myself,in the sense that I knew I had what it takes to be a beauty queen . Also it is a platform for me to help build others career and change their mindset of beauty pageantry because i have heard alot about things before going into and I wanted to prove them wrong.

3.How do you feel as the 1st princess face of western Nigeria 2018 and what were your plans and projects during your reign ?
Wooh 2in1 question, firstly how I felt hmm,I felt outstanding,my head was just giving mean different dance steps that day because I couldn’t hide It, I was overwhelmed really,you know the Bible says ‘many are called few are chosen’ for me to be the 1stprincess comeon the qualities is seen already. And secondly my plans and projects were based on skills acquisition yeah because I like to encourage one to have a handskill to support you when you are down or not down yeah.

4.‎Pageantry has been characterised by so many atrocities of sexual abuses. what sort of attention did you get from men and how did you manage the situation?
Oh well lols this is funny at the same time serious, it has been characterized because of the type of pageantry they have been to and also because they’re too eager to get everything fast enough! this life is step by step . Back to myself woah I got silly attentions from men due to I’m beautiful lols and they see what I have and they can just let this babe slip away their fingers. I manage them with the help of God and also with the help of my common sense ,they still keep coming both married and singles and also come with flashy things lols but trust me with all honesty,I determined to be different, I plan well even if no time to plan it, i think very fast to get myself out of these men but surely I must benefit from them if not all and I’m proud to say I managed them well in this situation.

5. What is your take on the fact that nudity is famous with beauty show especially during pre-shooting of contestant photograph?
OMG I was expecting this tho,well my take on this as at out of 100% I give 0%. I know that females have specific figure of themselves but really not showcasing it in a nude way , I do not buy or supports that one bit! Infact some girls feel they should do it because of they feel they have no choice at that moment,they think oh yeah it is part of their Mark in the contest. Jesus Christ! there are so many body fitting clothes to showcase their figures to your satisfaction! Not until I have to open my ass down to the world . Some can do it really but as for me that’s if I would have my own pageantry,nude is a NO to me.

6.What else did you get yourself into apart from modeling?
Oh yeah like I said when I was introducing myself earlier I am an entrepreneur (young one) I love making hair, fixing nails, skin therapist in production of African black soap , makeup etc. but mainly I’m into hair making and production of African black soap.

7.Many young ladies look up to you and want to take same route like you. Give guidelines to young women who want to become beauty queen?
Wooh young ladies out there, I’ll give you important five guidelines although there are alot more but yes these 5 are more of importance because definitely you can’t be like me (1) you have to be yourself to know what you want to get yourself into. (2) identify your strength and weaknesses when you emerge a beauty queen. (3) get ready to be submissive in order to learn new things. (4) do not mix business with pleasure because you will get connected one way or the other . (5) exploit positively as at when you are to become a beauty queen and when you emerged being a beauty queen.

Thank you. One love should always be our priority irrespective of the status. This is a small world.


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