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Over the past three years, we generated over 7,148,522 global traffic which extremely gives a clear and accurate determination of what we can do and how we can handle your music promotion.

Being an artiste (Be it Upcoming Artiste or Famous Artiste) is not easy because even the successful Artistes had to encountered so many challenges and obstacles, but with hard work their dreams became true.


Normal Blogging Package: With this type of blogging package, your music or video will be massively promoted on our site and our registered social media platforms for a single day at the price of 2,000 naira

Standard Blogging Package: This type of package will allows you to have your song hyped for good 1 week which can generate you more than 10,000 downloads just at the rate of 3,000 naira

Max Blogging Package: It’s a marvelous package that generates nothing less than 32,000 downloads, be it a video,music or bio. The price is set to be fixed which is 5,000.

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