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AUDIO + LYRICS: Mr Sagiss x Hayim x B2 Slayer x Starlex x Emdy Steady- Gamu Nan


AUDIO + LYRICS: Mr Sagiss x Hayim x B2 Slayer x Starlex x Emdy Steady- Gamu Nan

From the stable Northern Nigerian heavy record label,Kano Soldiers is yet to present you its suprb joint from the most rated rap machines under this astonishing label.

[ Intro. ]
Eh yoh I go by the name Mr.Sagiss (ehen)
And I got Kano Soldiers with me
Starlex, B2 slayer, Hayim and my man Emdy steady.
Aha this 2 thousand for ever mehn
Let’s go mehn
Ahhh! Wooo!!

[Chorus: Emdy steady (+Mr.Sagiss)]
Kano Soldiers music forever (To GAMU NAN)
Let the haters make a way it’s over ( To GAMU NAN)

Kano Soldiers music forever (To GAMU NAN)
Do not betray we’re Kano Soldiers (To GAMU NAN)


Eh yoh.
Its hayim show off
Am seeing things
Am seeing things but

I know am not dreaming
I can see them hurting
The world is needing saving
But nobody is helping

Looking side to side doesn’t know where to go
Browsing internet only for wat is fun
Getting into war doesn’t know who to bomb
The brain is empty
The mind is clueless
The heart is breaking
Broken love,
broken streets,
broken homes,
broken everything we see.
The little world is needing peace
Peace for me,
peace for you,
Peace for them,
Peace for all the world to live.
We coming here to set you free, (Set you free, set you free)
You’re not a thing for them to keep,( them to keep, them to keep)
So you can go and live your dream, (live your dream, live your dream)
For the saving,
Kano Soldiers,
Ga mu nan toh,
We are coming.

  [B2 Slayer]

Yoh! gamu nan Ku kauce,
kar musa kuje Ku Zauce,
we’re the baddest in the game wuya agun maza adoce,
wai kuna ina muketa hustling a ghetto ?
in babu radio ni nake kida da fito,
To Aida fari sun zata nidin Bazan iyaba,
ina basu Rap suna gudu wasunsu na tsayawa,
issa B2 on the mic a.k.a Muryar Arewa,
ko ina ana tafawa sai kace nine Balewa,
Am the best for ever,
ai hip hop dani ta Saba,
ko ina cikin gari ana B2 is taking over,
kwarai ko am taking over,
my flows is getting soba,
cuz I gotta dope style maisa yan adawa tuba,
da safe koda Rana, Arziki ne a gabana,
kullum addu’a nake, na sami inda zan fake,
in kama beat na babbake,
kunga rhymes kawai zuba suke,
am flying everyday baby Duk da banda fiffike.
hahaha… get it ??

Haha.. I know you don’t get it main..
Hahaha.. For sure.
They don’t do it.

 [Chorus: X2]


We about to arrive soon we gonna feel the vibe, I was moving out of the city holding on my valise,
this is highly logical the things I do is magical, we ain’t faction now I gotta tell you the fact, You can’t stop me if you can you can jump on a stage,
is a rap now I got it feeling like am rocking with the benz or bugatti,
And I be in the first line at the big chamber, now we heading look how am dropping and killing like am a Dracula,
Got black on my body am moving with the circular,
eventually now niggaz have to know what I be,
a suicide player who’s gonna a mayor,
Now we like a plane never crash, never land, we ain’t drop down we invaded the whole town,
I got like five hundred armies in my body, try to made insurgency I fear nobody, I will never let it happen and if you think everything I do was obstacle (however), I came along with a new tackle (whatever), they talk about the niggah feel stable,
Yohh big time, big fans, You know I got, and now I made it before they can even talk about it,
uhh kano soldiers taking all over the town u know we’re family we got to keep money over the bitches ahhhh!

  [Emdy Steady]

Beautiful beginning Zana Fara, (To GAMU NAN)
Tunda Safiya ake kama fara,(To GAMU NAN)
Nine Goga wayene zai Kara ? (To GAMU NAN)
Nine APC chanji Mai nasara, (To GAMU NAN)
I’m star in vast crowd koka kirani zakara,
Some haters not around wasu ko sunata bara,
I’m high like a plane jirgi a Sama ka Gani,
I’m always in the game ko Nexcezz ya sanni,
To nine Yaron nan,
Nakori Haters tun rannan,
Skales the rappers baka nan,
Na Basu kashi shikke nan,
Yeah, waiting is weapon again,
Patient and power the same,
El Nass remedy wyene,
One to the four to the ten,
An kada tambarin Sarkin Samari,
Nine da icepia kashe SU Kwari,
Daga ka Ganni shikkenan banida wari,
Daga na Fara Sai sunyi fitsari,
Hakane, yeah I’m balling,
All the haters are falling,
To Bani tabuwa all the rappers know I’m killer.

 [Chorus: X2]

Nexcezz on the mix


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I'm Umar Faruk a young geek Blogger, the CEO/Founder ArewaHitsMusic blog & Team AHM also an accounting student at Ahmadu Bello University, Zaria.

Ahmad Ahmad Sani February 18, 2020
| |

It’s awesome, feed us more KANO SOLDIERS…. we’re always all ears to your entertainable tracks……..

Up up up buddies

Sir.___ esma'eel February 17, 2020
| |

Its best song I have ever heard I love it and GOD bless you all

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